This Idiot's iPhone Could Get Him Convicted In a Murder Case

They don't make it like Hannibal Lecter in real life.


Despite what most Hollywood films suggest, most coldblooded killers don't have a heightened sense of intelligence. It'squite the opposite, in fact.

Take a look at the case of the Florida native Pedro Bravo who is currently on trial for allegedly murdering his friend Christian Aguilarin 2012 over a girl they both liked. While that in itself isextremely stupid, Bravo topped his own effort by asking his iPhone's Siri software for suggestions regarding places where he can hide his friend.


According to the detectives working the case, the exact words he uttered into his smartphone on the day Aguilar was last seenwere: “I need to hide my roommate.”

Genius, isn't he?

This was after he took his victim to Best Buy to buy a Kanye West album.

A few weeks later, Aguilar's body was found haphazardly buried in the outskirts of Levy County, Florida.

Unsurprisingly, it didn't take long for the police to name Bravo as the prime suspect in the case.

His confiding in his phone's digital assistant isn't the only technological faux paus he committed that could get him convicted. His iPhone was actually disconnected from the network on the day of the alleged murder. So while there is no way to find out if he visited the site from where Aguilar's body was recovered, subsequent inspection of the gadget revealed that the phone's flashlight app was turned on for 48 minutes on that day.

He really should have invested in a torchlight beforehand.

Meanwhile, those trying to check if Siri really does offer advice on dumping dead bodies; don't bother. The entry for that and other related queries have been removed by Apple.

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