Almost 90% of Syrian Refugees Live In States Where They’re Unwelcome

This doesn't bode well for their resettlement. The terrorist attacks in Paris have led to growing hysteria and widespread fear-mongering from GOP candidates and Republican governors in multiple states.

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27 U.S. governors declared that they would no longer allow refugees to settle in their states (although these bold statements have no actual effect on policy).

Unfortunately, these states who want to shut the doors on refugees are the ones currently housing the majority of them. The U.S. has accepted 1,869 Syrian immigrants in 2015, and 1,651 of those refugees currently live in such states: a significant 88.3%.

This could become problematic, as state support is vital to refugee resettlement.

The states that have thus far accepted the most refugees are California, with 218, Michigan at 198, and Texas as 194. Michigan presents a particularly interesting case as its governor Rick Snyder is, in fact, a Republican, but has claimed to be the most “pro-immigration governor in the nation,” and willingly accepted many refugees prior to the events in Paris.

Unfortunately, he has now decided to put a hold on this acceptance, although Snyder has also articulated that, “It’s important to remember that these attacks are the efforts of extremists and do not reflect the peaceful ways of people of Middle Eastern descent here and around the world," separating himself from many of his fellow GOPers.

The U.S. is has one of the lowest admittance rates for refugees compared to the world, although we have made an improvement from last year, when we only took in 249 Syrian refugees. 

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