Altaf Hussain On British High Commission’s Radar: What Can London Metropolitan Police Possibly Do?

The British High Commissioner to Pakistan, Adam Thomson has said that legal action would be taken against the chief of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Altaf Hussain, if proven guilty for his recent statements inciting violence.


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The British High Commissioner to Pakistan, Adam Thomson, has said that legal action is a possibility against the chief of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Altaf Hussain, if he is proven guilty for his recent statements inciting violence, in the city of Karachi.

Hussain had sparked out massive protests in his home city of Karachi with his speech earlier in the week.

Speaking to people post elections in Pakistan, Hussain told a gathered crowd that he would demand Karachi’s separation from the rest of Pakistan his party’s mandate wasn’t accepted. The speech was live telecasted across the country. He also allegedly threatened the protestors who had stood against rigging during the general elections across the city.

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Altaf Hussain’s remarks were highly condemned not only nationally but internationally as well and sparked off an outrage across the country. Thousands called in the Met Police department in England where Altaf, currently in self imposed exile, resides. MQM witnessing this upheaval came up with the stance that Hussain’s metaphorical remarks were misinterpreted by the media, going so far as to apologize a few days later.

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British High Commissioner Thomson said that London Metropolitan Police has received thousands of complaints against Altaf's controversial statements from all over the world. He also added that the London police are investigating the complaints and have dispatched the text of Altaf’s speech to the home department for its translation into English.

What Can British Police Possibly Do And Where’s The Probe Leading Towards?

The British Police works different from other police departments. The British Police is independent of their government and it is  up to them to decide, after investigation, if they can want to pursue and take up this case further. With thousands of phone calls from across the world; action against Altaf might not be a far fetched deal.

Under UK Laws: Altaf Hussain Might Be jailed:

In Britain there are strict laws against those who provoke violence and hatred. So Altaf Hussain could face jail if allegations against him are proven.

Thomson stated in his press conference, “What we say is that wherever somebody has a concern that hatred or violence is being incited, that one community or another is being turned against others, this should be reported to the police. And I know that they take such allegations very, very seriously indeed.

Under UK Laws: Extradition Can Be Demanded But Is Difficult:

Altaf Hussain is in self-imposed exile. However much an ‘exile’ is demanded off of the UK, it might not be that easy. There’s no formal extradition treaty between UK and Pakistan, so it seems unlikely that Altaf would be extradited back to his homeland. That said, it is still one of the possibilities that the British Police could pursue.


Altaf and MQM have long considered Karachi as their home territory. A lot of concessions have been made in the past, but this time around, people of Karachi have stood up and held firm.

The city of Karachi has risen up for what is right. The only unfortunate part is that Pakistan had to reach out to a foreign country for help as authorities.

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