Could A Non-Lethal Bullet Revolutionize The Police Force?

Will the police start using “safer bullets” to fight crime?

In the midst of the gun violence that takes place in America, a new device called “the Alternative” could – at least in theory – prevent unwarranted deaths in high pressure situations between a police officer and a suspect.

Situations such as the Michael Brown case, which led to riots in Ferguson and then later other parts of the United States, have heaped tons of attention on police brutality and gun control.      

But the Alternative could save lives, or so its maker says. While it's “potentially lethal,” it is meant to save lives. With the Alternative attached to a gun, the fired bullet travels at one-fifth the speed of a regular bullet.

Alternative Ballistics manufactures the device, which was thought up by a retired sheriff officer who did not appreciate people getting shot when the “officers had time.” The Alternative has been in development for nine years.

Timing is the tricky part of this device. It’s meant to be used when officers have a three-second window to react to a situation. Given everything that’s portrayed in action flicks, that is hardly ever the case.

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And that’s exactly what critics say – the fact that in the alternative to using this, it could potentially lead to an officer getting harmed instead. But lately the news has not been about police officers getting harmed on the scene.

Using this device could at least in theory save lives. The creators said, “[Suspects] will be hurt, but they will be alive.” 

So far, only one police force in the U.S. has opted to give it a try – the police department in Ferguson, Missouri.

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