11-Year-Old Inventor Solves Parkinson's Disease Problem

A Chicago 11-year-old has already made a big difference in the world for some suffering from a debilitating disease.

Congratulations to this amazing pre-teen inventor! Honored as one of CNN's Young Wonders and voted a hero by Mighty Girl, Lily Born solved a problem for a family member and millions of others who have trouble performing a simple task. 

The 11-year-old's grandfather has Parkinson's disease and one of the life-altering symptoms is severe body shaking. Lily noticed that the everyday task of holding a cup to drink without spilling or dropping it had become impossible. 


The youngster from Chicago decided to create an easy-to-hold and more stable cup for him to use. As she explained, “[He] was spilling his cup a lot so I had the idea to put legs on [his] cup to make it more stable."

Lily handmade her original cup out of ceramic, with a three-legged design that also elevated the bottom of the cup - no coaster needed.  With the help of two Kickstarter campaigns, the cup was designed with thick, contoured handles made out of BPA-free plastic. Named the Kangaroo Cup, it's expected to ship in March 2015. 

If you'd like to learn more about Lily's invention or pre-order a Kangaroo Cup, visit her website at http://www.imagiroo.com/

She hopes to inspire other young entrepreneurs and inventors to pursue their dreams: “Just because you're a kid, doesn't mean you can't do big and great things."


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