Amazing Human Chain Forms To Rescue Police Officer Falling Over Bridge

Some quick thinking and incredible bravery saved this man from an early death.

A metropolitan police officer nearly died while attempting to rescue a woman from an attempted suicide.

According to the BBC, Officer Fab Ahmed was walking his beat last Wednesday when he spotted a woman standing precariously over the barrier on London’s Kingston Bridge. Ahmed rushed to her aide and was able to physically prevent the woman from jumping, however, his heavy body armor caused him to overbalance and he began to topple over the bridge himself. 

London Kingston Bridge

Just before he would have toppled complete, however, a fellow police officer was able to grab his legs and keep him anchored. Unfortunately, this move began to bring the second officer overboard as well.

This officer was rescued by the timely assistance of a fireman that had responded to the scene as well. This split second series of unfortunate events resulted in a human chain dangling over the bridge.

Fab Ahmed

"I knew I had a major fight on my hands to stay alive and do my best to help the lady when we both hit the water,” said Ahmed in an interview with the BBC.

"It was at this point I felt someone grab hold of my ankles just as I was going past the point of no return. This stopped myself and the lady from continuing our journey into the river,” Ahmed said.

The fireman and the second officer were able to pull the chain back up to safety and the entire incident was resolved without any serious injuries.

The woman was received by paramedics and taken to the hospital immediately

Acting Metro Police Superintendent Claire Moxon was very satisfied with the work performed by her department.  

"I am extremely proud of the immense courage and bravery my officers showed. If the officers and the firefighters hadn't taken the actions they did I am sure there would have been another very different ending to this event,” Moxon said.

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Banner Image Credit: Zach Alexander on Flickr

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