Can You Believe These Images Of Public Protests Are From U.S.A.?

This proves excessive use of police force can turn any place into Tahreer Square.


Public protests against last week's killing of an unarmed black teenager – Michael Brown – by a police officer continued for the fifth consecutive day in Ferguson, Missouri.

Tensions escalated and clashes between the demonstrators and police officers were reported. Instead of letting the public vent out their frustration, the SWAT officers' use of strong-arm tactics to break up protests exposed them for even more intense criticism.

The scenes from Ferguson, Missouri, were more reminiscent of the Arab spring or other violent clashes from around the world than from a place inside United States:

Ironically, people from Palestine – who know a thing or two about being subjected to brutalities – offered advice to Ferguson protestors on how to stay firm.

Even the journalists couldn't escape the wrath of the law enforcement authorities:

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