American Airlines Cancels More Flights Because Of Miami Airport Fire

Thursday morning's fire at Miami Airport's fuel facility may be out but was still affecting American Airlines flights a day later.

The Fort Worth-based carrier canceled about 172 flights in and out of Miami on Friday because of problems fueling aircraft. American had canceled a similar number of flights Thursday, spokesman Ed Martelle said. American typically has about 300 departures and 300 arrivals at the airport daily.

The fire damaged the underground fueling system and five pumps on the north side, Martelle said. All planes must now use tanker trucks at two pumps on the south side, he said.

On Friday, American used 10 tanker trucks. With the underground system disabled, fueling a Boeing 777 can take as long as five hours.

Some American aircraft are being flown into Miami with more fuel than usual so they don't have to refuel there, Martelle said. Others are leaving Miami and taking on more fuel at Orlando, Tampa or Fort Lauderdale before departing for their destinations.

American said customers flying into or out of Miami can exchange their tickets without charge, although fare differences may apply. Customers whose flights are canceled will be rebooked, American said.