American Mom Stabbed To Death By Burqa-Clad Killer In Abu Dhabi

Are expats in the Gulf safe after an American woman is fatally stabbed in a local mall in Abu Dhabi?

An American mother was murdered by a knife-wielding burqa-clad person in the washroom of a shopping mall in Abu Dhabi, according to local police.

The deceased 37-year-old – a single mother of 11-year-old twins – reportedly got into an argument with her assailant in the ladies toilets of Boutik Mall. Their row soon took the shape of a physical altercation and ended with her getting fatally stabbed.

Police have launched investigation and also released a CCTV photo of the killer, who they believe, isn't necessarily a woman despite her traditional Islamic women's attire. The reason behind their argument and her subsequent killing remains unclear. What is clear, however, is that their spat started outside the washroom and was witnessed by the mall staff, who failed to break it up.

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Her killer was caught on tape but ascertaining his/her ID could be tricky since the person was covered in Islamic clothing from head to toe.

The victim – whose name hasn't been disclosed yet – was a kindergarten teacher at a private school in Abu Dhabi.

"Police found the woman lying on the floor bleeding,” said Colonel Rashid Bourshid, director of the criminal investigation department of Abu Dhabi police. "She had serious wounds after being stabbed with a knife during a brawl with the attacker. No reason has been established yet as to why the woman was murdered. The attacker fled the scene after stabbing the woman."

The United Arab Emirates has been considered one of the safest places for expats, but there has been some evidence this year that suggests that not all is well. A UN report claimed the UAE has 2.6 killings for every 100,000, making the country as having the highest murder rate in all the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Then, in September this year, a YouGov survey revealed how almost one-third of the UAE's residents believe crime is a major problem.

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