Ames Loses In Supreme Court Because 'Men Can Lactate Too'

The Supreme Court has ruled that firing women for breastfeeding is not sexist because men can also lactate.

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Angela Ames was fired from her job at Nationwide Insurance when after returning from maternity leave, she was given no accommodations to pump breast milk for her baby, at work.

Shortly after, Ames sued the company for forcing her to resign when she asked if there was somewhere to lactate. She was told to "go home and be with her babies", then handed the paper to sign.

After all was said and done, Ames' suit did not stand when the Supreme Court ruled that her employer was not being sexist, because 'men can lactate, too.'

Apparently, we have gone back in time, to when the Supreme Court ruled that discriminating against pregnant women in the workplace is okay because 'both men and women can be non-pregnant.'

In addition to the ridiculous-ness of all this, this all happened the day Ames returned back to work. She was not allowed to use the lactation room at work until her paperwork went through, and was asked to make up all the work she missed while on maternity leave, or she would face disciplinary action.

Without having a place to lactate, Ames was in extreme pain with her swollen breasts. Finally, she went to her department head asking for help, when she was told to "go home and be with her babies." This was also ruled as a 'gender neutral' order, since she was a new mother and apparently fathers should also go home and be with their babies if they are taking on the role of breastfeeding and ask to lactate at work.

ACLU's  Gale Sherwin talks about Ames' story, and is standing by her in her fight and the fight of many other women in workplace discrimination. 

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