Amid Serial Killer Search, Man Recalls Woman's Cries

As an FBI plane flew overhead in search of more bodies, a Long Island man on Thursday recalled one of the suspected victims of a serial killer running screaming into his home.

Authorities believe Shannan Gilbert of New Jersey, who went missing in May 2010, was a victim of a suspected serial killer targeting prostitutes who advertised on Craigslist. They believe she was visiting a male customer in the seaside neighborhood of Oak Beach on Long Island.

Oak Beach resident Gus Colleti, 75, said he saw the terrified girl shortly before she went missing.

"I opened up the door and she just came inside yelling 'Help me, help me, help me,'" Coletti told Reuters.

"She came running to my house screaming for help," he said. "I called the police and she ran out the door."

Shortly after Colleti called police, he said he walked outside to find a man searching for Gilbert.

"He said he was having a party that Gilbert was at and she got upset," he said. "The man said he was trying to get her to come back."

hat's when Colleti said he saw Gilbert sprint away from a nearby boat she was hiding under and the man looking for her run after her.

"That's the last I saw of them," he said.
Al Jazeera