Stop The Pipeline, Amnesty Demands Of Obama

Amna Shoaib
Amnesty International has released a strongly worded statement lambasting military action taken against the Standing Rock protesters.

The entire world is watching the debacle unfold at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, where "water protectors" are facing a militarized police force shooting them with rubber belts and dousing them with water in freezing temperatures.


A delegation from Amnesty International visited the protesters and saw for itself America's "over-militarized" reaction to the peaceful movement against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

"People exercising their human rights to assemble, pray and speak out have been brutally arrested, shot with rubber bullets, drenched in tear gas and sprayed with water in freezing temperatures," Zeke Johnson, managing director of Amnesty International USA's Individuals at Risk Program, wrote on Medium.

The protesters at Dakota Access Pipeline have been braving excessive force to protect the Missouri River, the chief source of water for the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. Since August, more than 500 peaceful protesters have been hauled to jail.

Amnesty International has also demanded that President Obama at once halt the construction of this pipeline and not resume work until "free, protected, informed consent" of the native tribe is obtained.

This is not the first time that Obama has been asked to intervene in the issue. However, many realize that once his term begins, Trump, who owns a share in the multi-million project, will simply revoke all decisions made by Obama regarding the pipeline.

"I ask that they look at this situation, not out of a place of fear — if you're fearful that President-elect Trump will reinstall this pipeline, then you're going to have to trust that the people on the ground aren't going to let that happen," said "Gasland" director Josh Fox.

Standing Rock native Kendrick Eagle also posted an impactful video, asking Obama to make good on his word.

"You came here to speak with the youth of Standing Rock," he said. "You gave us hope, a lot of hope. I'm here standing with my people talking to you, and asking you if you can come and help us stop this pipeline. I just want you to stick to your words. You said you would have our backs as long as you were in office."