Amnesty International Slams Taliban Shooting of Pakistani Girl Malala Yousufzai (Video)

Amnesty International condemns the shooting by the Taliban of a 14-year-old school girl in Pakistan's Swat Valley.

Malala Yousufzai was rushed to hospital on Tuesday after being shot and seriously wounded as she was leaving her school in Pakistan's Swat Valley.

The Taliban claimed responsibility citing Malala's promotion of education for girls as the reason behind the attack. The shooting has been met with shock and outrage, both within Pakistan and abroad.

Speaking in Hong Kong, an Amnesty International official strongly condemned the violence.

Malala rose to prominence for speaking out against the Pakistani Taliban at a time when even the government seemed to be appeasing the hard line Islamists.

She's a recipient of Pakistan's highest Civilian Award, and has been nominated for numerous international awards for child activists. The Taliban are opposed to girls' education, and have long attacked and forced the closure of schools that enroll female students.

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