Amount Of Police Charged With Murder Or Manslaughter Tripled In 2015

The question is: was this a particularly violent year, or are we finally starting to see what's really been going on in our Nation's police force.

No matter who pulls the trigger the amount of shooting related incidents in the United States is definitely out of control. 

Wednesday's mass shooting in San Bernardino, California was the 352nd mass shooting out of just 336 days in 2015. Savvy math students will spot that this means there have been more mass shootings than days of the year for the United States in 2015. 

This is an outrageous sum but what is just as outrageous is the rate at which shooting injuries and deaths have risen in 2015 from the other side of the legal fence. 

According to Mint Press News, the number of manslaughter or murder related charges for on-duty incidents committed by police officers in the United States tripled from 2014 to 2015. 

In years gone by the annual average was somewhere around five officers charged with on-duty murder or manslaughter while acting in the line of duty. 

In these last few weeks of 2015 the total officers charged this year has risen to a whopping 15. 

The question, however, is whether this rise is due to a particularly violent year for police or the increase in police oversight and monitoring that has taken place following several high-profile killings this year. 

10 of the 15 reported cases this year (AKA the entire increase), came from increased video monitoring such as the video released of the Chicago police officer who was recorded shooting a teenager 16 times

The correlation is strong enough to indicate that the increased transparency of added video surveillance is responsible for the huge upswing this year and one hopes that the inevitable further addition of videos in policing will help to cut down on these senseless atrocities. 

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