An 11-Year-Old Just Graduated College With Three Degrees

Child prodigy just graduated college at 11 years old with three degrees.

Ambitious 11-year-old, Tanishq Abraham, just graduated college with three degrees and has big plans for the future.

Abraham is the youngest person to graduate from American River College this year and possibly of all time.

He received three associate’s degrees in foreign language studies, general science and math and physical science.

Despite the unbelievable success the Sacramento, California adolescent doesn’t see graduation as a big deal.

“[The graduation] isn’t much of a big thing for me,” He told KCRANow with graduation out of the way, Abraham has bigger goals in mind.

And with three college degrees, a mini-documentary about him and having delivered a Tedx talk all before becoming a teenager, it seems like he’s headed in the right direction.

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