An Elderly Tornado Victim And Oklahoma Resident Finds Her Dog During CBS Interview (VIDEO)


There are some heartwarming incidents in life that can never be forgotten. And if they get captured on camera, especially during a news channel interview, they become everlasting.

Following the devastating tornado that struck the central U.S. on Sunday, an elderly Moore, Oklahoma resident Barbara Garcia was being interviewed by CBS’s Anna Werner. Garcia was describing the horrors of her home being destroyed by the tornado when something unexpected happened.

She told Werner how she was sitting with her dog on a stool and then the storm came, everything went upside down around her and the next moment Garcia found herself stuck in the rubble.

Though the elderly Moore resident managed to get out off the wreckage, she couldn’t find her dog anywhere. But Garcia told Werner she had hope in her hear that her ‘little’ dog was ‘in there somewhere.’

As she was giving the interview, someone off-camera pointed towards something moving in the rubble. To Garcia’s and everybody else’s surprise, it was Cathy, the lost dog!

I thought God just answered one prayer, to let me be okay. He answered both of them. Because this was my second prayer,” said a thankful Barbara Garcia. We are sure Cathy also must’ve been really happy to see her owner.

A half mile tornado ripped through Kansas and Oklahoma on Sunday killing almost 51 people including 20 children. This is being regarded as one of the worst tornadoes to have ever hit the region.

You can watch the videos of the tornado here.

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