An 'Underground Temple' That Protects Tokyo from Floods (Video)

Paranormal? Not really. Rather a multi-billion dollar underground surge tank protecting the Japanese capital from the yearly onslaught of typhoons and storms, many similar in force to Hurricane Sandy which recently caused havoc in the US.

The massive surge tank - nicknamed 'the underground temple' - is the end point of a 6-kilometre-long network of tunnels that channel away storm waters.

With a price tag of almost 3 billion US dollars the system doesn't come cheap, but Takashi says the U.S. should keep it in mind. The U.S. is reeling in the wake of Hurricane Sandy which wreaked havoc across the country's East Coast. Sandy was one of the biggest to ever hit the U.S. and left swathes of New York City submerged under several feet of floodwater.

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