Analysts Debate Impact Of Afghan War Leak On US-Pak Relations

Following the leak of tens of thousands of documents on the war in Afghanistan, analysts in the region are debating whether the U.S.-Pakistani relationship will suffer a setback. They say the concern comes from the documents that allegedly show U.S. military members suspected Pakistan's spy service of supporting the insurgency. The severity of the impact by the leaked war documents on the U.S.-Pakistani relationship depends on who you ask on either side of the Durrand Line, a border shared by Pakistan and Afghanistan. More than 180 documents, a relative handful of the tens of thousands released, describe alleged U.S. military concerns that Pakistan's military spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence, has provided support and guidance to elements of the Afghan Taliban.While this information, supposedly from 2004 to 2009, has not been confirmed, analyst Abdul Wahid Taqat said he believes the United States should consider Pakistan its main enemy and depend on Afghanistan in the region.