This Bus Driver Shocked The Passengers With His Unexpected Act Of Kindness

What this bus driver did is amazing enough to revive one’s faith in selflessness and humanity.

Last week, André Grandin, an intercity bus driver in Sweden, stopped and got out of his bus unexpectedly. It wasn’t a designated stop and there were no passengers to be picked up.

What his passengers saw made their day.

Grandin walked up to a young girl who was crying on the side walk. He knelt down next to her, talked to her, apparently comforted her, got back on the bus and continued on his route without a word to anyone.

The incident may have been forgotten had Emma Gustaffsson, one of the passengers on the bus, not captured a photo of the touching scene and tweeted it:

“It came from nowhere. We didn’t know what was going on. But then we saw that he walked up to a crying girl sitting on the road. It was really cute.”

The story went viral and the press finally caught up with Grandin and asked his side of the story. They even tracked down the girl whose name turned out to be Emilia Behrendtz and had the pose fpr a photograph together.

 According to him, the girl was ten years old, and had been upset by her peers. He got off and approached her because he was concerned and wanted to make sure she wasn’t injured.

People are calling him a hero and strangers have even sent flowers to his home, but Grandin doesn’t agree. He doesn’t think there is anything out of the ordinary in helping a child in trouble.

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