Obama And Merkel’s Meeting On The Alps Turned Into A Game Of Memes!

A photo of the German chancellor with her arms outstretched has inspired some hilarious memes.

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This year’s G7 Summit was held in the beautiful backdrop of Germany’s Bavarian Alps, where, among all the serious issues and important agendas, U.S. President Barack Obama found some time to take a walk through the beautiful valley and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

He was accompanied with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who gave Obama a tour of the traditional village Krun, high in the mountains above Munich.

It was during this visit that cameras captured an amazing picture of Merkel animatedly talking to a relaxed looking Obama who is stretching out on a wooden bench. With lush green mountains and trees in the background, this picture is surely breathtaking; however, it’s going viral for a completely different reason.

Yes, people are comparing Merkel’s pose with her outstretched arms to Julie Andrews’ famous twirling scene in The Sound of Music. In fact, people on Twitter have already come up with some hilarious memes.

Take a look:

The photo was taken outside the Elmau castle in Kruen, near Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

The pair also reportedly snacked on pretzels and drank tall glasses of beer – which a local official later revealed was non-alcoholic – after their small tour.

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