"F-----g Jews" Tweet Makes Ann Coulter The Biggest Loser Of GOP Debate

After several candidates stressed improved U.S. ties with Israel during the second GOP debate, controversial pundit Coulter accused them of pandering to "f-----g Jews."

Ann Coulter

Analyzing the biggest winners and losers of a presidential Republican debate is a standard media practice. However, since almost all the candidates have failed to impress prospective voters so far this year, it’s more a question of who was the biggest loser.

And the answer – following the second GOP debate hosted by CNN – is simple.

It’s Ann Coulter.

The conservative pundit arguably had the worst reaction to Wednesday night’s showdown.

After several presidential hopefuls stressed on improving frosty ties between the United States and Israel, Coulter accused them of spending too much time pandering to Jewish voters in what is now being called an offensive tweet:

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It didn’t end there. Coulter, who has endorsed Donald Trump, accused Mike Huckabee of running for the president of Israel instead of the U.S.

She somewhat tried to change course of her rant:

And closed off with the following tweet:

Although this isn’t the first time Coulter’s comments have sparked controversy, it's surely surprising coming from her, who once wanted to replace President Barack Obama with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

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