Tricky Crow Gets The Best Of A Hapless Dog

What's your damage, crow? Isn't it the worst when you just want to go out for a walk on a pleasant, sunny day – but a crow hell-bent on attacking just won't leave you alone?

Nero the dog had to think on his (four) feet when out for a stroll in the park. At the beginning of the video, we see a seemingly ordinary, wholly insignificant crow in the periphery of the frame. But don't look away, because this assassin crow decides to make poor Nero his next target.

The cunning, scheming crow follows Nero, working out the best position to attack him from, pretending to look at the grass the one time Nero notices him, before launching an assault on the unsuspecting pup.

Nero, with his four legs and a frightening growl, makes for a hapless victim when faced with this vengeful crow.

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