Anonymous Releases List of ISIS Twitter Accounts

Anonymous hackers expose ISIS accounts. The infamous online hacker group, Anonymous, has teamed up with two other hacker groups.

Anonymous Releases List of 9200 ISIS Twitter Accounts

GhostSec and Ctrlsec, and released 92,000 Twitter accounts associated with ISIS in an attempt to put pressure on Twitter to remove them.

Under @xrsone Twitter account which released the names, Anonymous hopes others will share the accounts  as a way to mount pressure on Twitter to suspend or remove the groups. ISIS uses swarm accounts to stay active on Twitter despite suspensions meaning they create multiple accounts and use them to cross-promote each other.

“This is historic amongst the digital world as it’s the first time these groups have come together for something this large," a member of Anonymous said in an interview with International Business Times UK. "Usually they are very closed off and not willing to work outside of their circles but this has become so large of a problem they’re willing to form an alliance for what is seen as a greater good. The outcome of hundreds of hackers across all three major groups is the largest compiled and verified list ever to be released to the public.”

Social media, specifically Twitter, has become a major recruiting platform for ISIS, and Anonymous hopes that spreading awareness of these accounts will significantly diminish the propaganda.

The hacktivist group called on its members to spread the word on Twitter:

"The more attention it gets the more likely it becomes Twitter takes action in removing these accounts and making a serious impact on the ability of ISIS to spread propaganda and recruit new members. You don't have to be tech savvy to contribute, simply clicking retweet or like could mean the difference between almost 10 thousand active accounts or 10 thousand suspended ones. Help us fight"

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