The Weather Just Went Crazy In Southeast Australia

Ever watch the movie "Ice Age" and imagine something like that could be real? Well, we might not be too far away from that happening anymore.

It's one of the craziest weather phenomena on the planet, and inhabitants of southeastern Australia are right in the midst of it: thundersnow!

Snowfall paired with thunder and lightning leads to thundersnow and some areas in southeast Australia are even experiencing extreme hail to boot.

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Unusually low temperatures have become quite frequent in different parts of the world. Case in point: last year’s polar vortex that blasted millions of people with Arctic air. In fact, solar cycle studies have recently suggested the coming of a mini ice age in the next 15 years or so. By the 2030s, the sun’s activity is expected to decrease by a stark 60 percent, leading to temperatures falling and ice age-like conditions.

Scientists have gone on to add that their findings hold high chances of accuracy and stated: “Combining both waves together and comparing to real data for the current solar cycle, we found that our predictions showed an accuracy of 97 percent.”

A research team from Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K., led by Professor Valentina Zharkova, has been studying the climatic changes and upcoming situation and Zharkova stated:

"Effectively, when the waves are approximately in phase, they can show strong interaction, or resonance, and we have strong solar activity. When they are out of phase, we have solar minimums. When there is full phase separation, we have the conditions last seen during the Maunder minimum, 370 years ago."

A "little ice age" was experienced during the years 1550 and 1850 and a similar situation is expected to arise in the next 15 years.

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