Boris Nemtsov Foreshadowed His Own Death At The Hands Of The Kremlin

Anthony Bourdain met slain Putin critic Boris Nemtsov last year. This is what he had to say about his concerns regarding Kremlin.

Boris Nemtsov, a Russian opposition leader and former deputy prime minister who was shot dead by unknown assailants on Feb.27, met celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain for an interview last year.

The celebrity chef asked Nemtsov about his concerns regarding Kremlin – given the fact that he was a vocal critic of the Russian President Vladimir Putin and his policies.

"I'm a well-known guy, and this is a safety because if something happens with me, it will be scandal not only in Moscow city but throughout the world," Nemtsov replied.

The slain politician also explained Bourdain how Russia was a corrupt country, under the control of one person with no freedom of speech, fair elections or an independent judiciary.

"You are in the typical country of crony capitalism," he said. "If you have a good relationship with Putin and his people around, you will have a good relationship with governor or mayor -- it doesn't matter. If you are in the city you have a chance to raise money, to be successful ... you know, to buy real estate in the south of France or Switzerland, to open accounts in Swiss banks.

"But, if something happened between you and Putin and you are governor, you will be in jail."

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Thousands of Russians took to the streets on March 1 following the murder which is now being termed as a “turning point in Russia’s history.”

Many hold Kremlin responsible for the assassination. It’s believed Nemtsov was working on a report containing evidence of secret Russian military involvement. Also, he was gunned down just hours after he denounced the president’s "mad, aggressive" policies in a radio interview.

Moreover, the shooting took place on the Great Moskvoretsky Bridge, just 100 meters (330 feet) from the Kremlin in central Moscow.

Refuting the allegations of his involvement, Putin condemned the shooting, saying “it may have been a contract killing.” The Russian president is also leading an investigation “to bring perpetrators to justice,” according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s statement to the main U.N. human rights forum.

So far, no suspects have been taken into custody.

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