Anthony Weiner’s Interview With Sean Hannity Turns Hostile (VIDEO)


This could qualify as Weiner’s most awkward television interview to date.

Fox News host Sean Hannity had Anthony Weiner, former congressman and New York City mayoral candidate, on his show to have a discussion over the United States government shutdown and the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare. The interview, however, turned into a fiery debate that mostly had nothing to do with the government policies or healthcare issues.

Referring to Weiner’s sexting scandal due to which he had to resign from Congress in June, Hannity started off by saying, “I don’t take any glee in people having personal issues, traumas and I really wish you the best even though we don’t agree on anything... what the hell were you thinking?”

Of course this question was enough to infuriate Weiner who had already been thoroughly grilled by the media over the past few months ever since he admitted in June that he used to sext with various women as ‘Carlos Danger.’

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An interview which was supposed to discuss the feud between Republicans and Democrats turned into a feud between Hannity and Weiner.

You guys don’t stop begging me to come on,” said an exasperated Weiner.

Hannity shot back at him, “We didn’t beg you to come on. We asked you to come on. And I was kind of surprised you said yes.”

Well, you asked me like 50 times,” Weiner replied. “So now I’m hearing you ask me why I’m here — you invited me.”

Watch the complete interview in the video above.

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