This French Town Placed Anti-Homeless Cages Around Benches

Life just got tougher for the homeless. A local council in the southwestern town of Angouleme in France has decided to put fences around public benches to prevent homeless people from using them.

The act has infuriated many people who want to do away with the merciless act.

But local shopkeepers who initiated the act felt the need as they got fed up with drunks monopolizing the benches and scaring customers away.

People of Angouleme felt deeply offended by this action and took to social media to voice their disapproval; soon people from all over France started joining in with their backlash.

 “Guantanamo? No, no, Angouleme,” mocked one person on the internet while other people threatened they would boycott the city’s comic book festival.

“What a shame, this is not France,” former socialist MP Guillaume Garot said.

According to statistics gathered earlier this year, a person living on the streets of France dies every 20 hours and that life expectancy for homeless people is 30 years lower than for those people with fixed homes.

However, the fate of the homeless is not much different the world over. Earlier this year, anti-homeless person spikes installed outside a luxury housing unit in London prompted a similar outrage amongst people resulting in an online petition to have them removed.

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Here are some more examples of how homeless people are discouraged in cities around the world:

Thankfully, there are people around who do not share the selfish sentiments and do their best to change the situation.

Some even go out of their way to make it a part of their lives.

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It is safe to say, therefore, that though there are people who make us wonder if their hearts are made of lead, there are also those who restore your faith in humanity.

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