Anti Islam Movie: Mindless Violence And The Silent Majority VIDEO

Violence erupted around the world as a reaction to the film, Innocence of Muslims and the cartoons published in the French paper. There was violence, killings, and damage to property that made every sane Muslim cringe with humiliation as well as guilt.

Islam is a religion of peace; the Holy Prophet preached peace, forgiveness and tolerance above all. Many of the Muslims around the world felt were shocked and hurt with the portrayal of the Prophet in the movie as well as the cartoons but hated the way their brethren reacted as well. But unfortunately, they were a silent majority. They felt, they thought, they discussed amongst themselves but their voice was not registered with the world that watched only the Muslims who created mayhem.

Carbonated TV’s team got in touch with some scions of the Pakistani society who do not believe in violence and aggression as a mode of protest. This is their point of view...
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