Archaeologists Find Underground Pyramid In Bolivia

The ancient site of Tiahuanaco, Bolivia, still has much more to be excavated after this discovery.

Bolivia, Tiahuanaco

An underground pyramid has been discovered by archeologists at the Tiahuanaco fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage site, in Bolivia.

South America is home to many ancient archeological sites, and there is always more to be investigated, however, it is sometimes hard to know where to start digging.

Tiahuanco was once home to a very important group of people prior to the impact of the Inca civilization, who by their structures, we can learn a lot about the way they lived.

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Although it was thought that much of this site has already been discovered, archeologists were very surprised when they used ground-penetrating radar and found an underground pyramid lying beneath the surface of the main site.

The excavations to reveal the pyramid, and whatever else might be underneath, will begin this summer. 

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