Watch The Moment When Two Helicopters Crashed In Argentina, Killing 10 People

First footage has emerged of the moment when two helicopters collided in the Argentine province of La Rioja, killing everyone onboard.

A video aired on Argentinean news channel Televida9 shows the exact moment when two helicopters crashed into each other mid-air before plunging to the ground.

Ten people were killed, including three French sports stars – Olympic swimmer Camille Muffat, yachtswoman Florence Arthaud and boxer Alexis Vastine.

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They were taking part in the filming of a popular European reality television adventure show called Dropped.

Reuters reports authorities are still not sure about what caused the accident, saying it is too early to declare whether it was human error or mechanical failure.

Two French investigators, as well as two technical experts, were dispatched to Argentina to help gather evidence from the wreckage site.

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