First Baptism In Latin America For Child Of Same-Sex Couple Takes Place In Argentina

Argentina's president is godmother for the country's first baptism of a baby born to a same-sex couple.

This baptism ceremony in Argentina is making history.

It's the first baptism in Latin America for the child of a same-sex couple.

It's taking place in a Roman Catholic Church despite the nation's social conservatism.

And the Godmother is President Cristina Fernandez although she wasn't able to attend personally and sent an aide in her place.

Baby Umma is the child of lesbian couple Carina Villaroel and Soledad Ortiz.

Now Ortiz, the baby's birth mother, says they're planning a church wedding as well.

"We hoped, we imagined this moment together, this entire moment right now. Even more, we're awaiting a wedding now. We want a wedding for the two of us. After our daughter's baptism we want a wedding," says Oledad Ortiz, birth mother of Umma.

Argentinabecame the first Latin American country to legalise gay marriage and adoption in 2010.

Argentine-born Pope Francis has said all children can be baptised but it's unclear if the Vatican gave its approval for Saturday's ceremony in Cordoba.

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