Arizona Senate Candidate To Air One Minute Ad On Monday Night Football

Down by 5 late in the fourth quarter, Rich Carmona knows a field goal won’t do. He’s going for the hail Mary: a one minute spot on Monday Night Football. The ad, which will play during tonight’s match between the Philadelphia Eagles and New Orleans Saints, casts Carmona, the Democratic candidate for senate in the right-leaning state of Arizona as an outsider, an independent and friend of Bill Clinton. The former president’s prominent role in the ad is the only hint that Carmona is a Democrat. While Arizona is gradually getting bluer as its Latino vote accounts for a larger percentage of the state, being a Democrat is not in itself a winning strategy. Text flashes on the screen that might as well say “D ain’t nothin but a letter”: “Bipartisan appeal.” “A centrist force.” “Independence.” Carmona critiques the senate with one broad brush (“We sent them there to solve our problems, and all they do is create problems.”), and shows him with children, in friendly chats with families, and doing a great man-stride alongside a bunch of burly workers. There’s not a lot of substance, but the spot is tailor made to vibrate the romantic American heartstrings. Will it work? Unlikely, but the election is tomorrow, and hey, you have to try something.

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