Arizona Shooting Suspect To Be Back In Court, Could Face More Charges


As U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords continues to show improvement, the man who allegedly shot her and 18 others -- six of them fatally -- will be in federal court Monday, and could face additional, and more serious, charges tied to the Arizona massacre.

The arraignment hearing for suspect Jared Lee Loughner is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. MST (3:30 p.m. ET) at the U.S. District Court of Arizona in Phoenix.

Loughner, 22, already has been in that court to face charges on three counts of attempted murder in the shootings of Giffords and two of her aides, Ron Barber and Pamela Simon.

But all along, legal experts expected additional charges to be filed against the Tucson man, including in the slayings of six people. Those charges could be filed Monday.

""The grand jury investigation will continue,"" CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said last week. ""There's a long way to go in this case, and (the attempted murder) charges will be there. But I'm certain more will be there as well.""While at a federal court in Phoenix, Monday's hearing will be presided over by Judge Larry Burns of the U.S. District Court for Southern California, based in San Diego. The 9th Circuit Court designated him to head the case after all federal judges in Arizona recused themselves because the state's chief federal judge -- John Roll of Tucson -- was among those killed in the shooting.

Meanwhile, Loughner's alleged main target in the January 8 shooting rampage at a Tucson Safeway supermarket is in intensive care at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas. She was critically wounded after being shot through the brain.

The amount of car traffic on the campus of Texas Medical Center, a cluster of 42 university-affiliated schools, hospitals and clinics outside downtown Houston, has ""doubled"" since Giffords' arrival, campus security chief Fernando Bertrand told CNN affiliate KPRC.