Arkansas Republican Who Gave Daughters Away To Rapist Regularly Performs Exorcisms on Misbehaving Preschoolers

More weird details emerge. When you didn’t think this story could get any crazier.

Arkansas republican Justin Harris

Turns out the Arkansas Republican who gave his adopted daughters to a rapist believes all little kids’ temper tantrums are the work of the devil.

A former employee and mother to a student of Justin Harris’ Growing God’s Kingdom said Wednesday that Harris and his wife, Marsha, would regularly perform exorcism rituals on the students when they were acting up, according to KNWA news.

“If they got in too much trouble they would pray on the kids, do a circle around them, put their hands on their heads, saying, trying to rebuke demons,” she said.

The employee identified as “Amber” worked at the school for five months, but was fired in 2013 after a difference in opinion on disciplining the students.

When asked about how she found out about the exorcisms Amber said, ““Well, I had another teacher there that had me take a child down to the office and whenever I did, they did it right there in front of me.”

Amber has since taken her son out of the school.

“With all this going on, I think it’s too much for him right now. I just don’t feel comfortable with him being there,” she said.

But really, how do people like this even get elected?



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