"Arm Teachers" Lawmaker Accidentally Shoots Teacher

An Arkansas lawmaker, who supports arming teachers against mass shootings, accidentally shot a teacher recently.

Sometimes, people are so fervent in their beliefs, they overdo it just a little bit.  It may be just an example of blind faith, or just doing things wrong, but the end result just makes a person look ridiculous.  In cases like the gun control debate, some people just overshoot their beliefs, hoping that they will stick, and often look bad in the process.  In the case of one Arkansas state senator, who supports arming teachers over reducing access to guns, he went too far by accidentally shooting a teacher.

Said state senator, Jeremy Hutchinson, representing the capital of Little Rock and the surrounding metro area, is known for his passionate gun rights views.  Following the tragic mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, Hutchinson argued that teachers should be armed to prevent such incidents from occurring, or to minimize the loss of life.  Such sentiments are prevalent among gun rights advocates, who prefer that option over any changes to the gun laws that would apparently infringe on their freedoms because they need to buy guns for some reason.  In Hutchinson's case, it is more of a desire to support vigilantism, given his tendency to dress up like Batman.

However, such support has made Jeremy Hutchinson bite off more than he can chew.  Hutchinson attended an "active shooter" training session while stumping for arming teachers, and joined in on the fun.  However, during a point in the session when a teacher was confronting a "bad guy," Hutchinson shot the teacher on accident.  Hutchinson's gun was loaded with rubber bullets, so thankfully the teacher was only slightly injured.  However, such an accident did not deter Hutchinson from supporting arming teachers.

This revelation comes as the State of Arkansas reviews its laws concerning guns in schools.  Jeremy Hutchinson will be leading today's hearing on the matter, which comes as the Arksansas courts ruled that state law does not allow schools to license their employees as security guards for the purpose of carrying guns.  Whether he will bring any rubber bullets with him remains to be seen.

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