Faces Of The Brave Turkish Journalists Arrested By The Government

Amna Shoaib
In their bravery, resolve and courage lies their guilt.

The Turkish public’s reaction to the failed coup was an awe-inspiring, sane effort to root out a dictator mentality that has birthed terrorism in many countries. In the aftermath of the coup, however, Turkey seems to have been left with no vestige of sanity. Although many are skeptical of the takeover’s role in strengthening democracy, one thing is clear: The coup has solidified President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s rule and given him an excuse to round up anyone who dares to dissent.



TV channels have been taken off air, more than 100 papers closed, novelists thrown into jail and army officers subjected to misery. Basically, anyone with the remotest connection to the coup (real or supposed), has had to face the wrath of Erdogan. In Erdogan’s recent wave of fury, 17 journalists have been arrested on terror charges.

Mahir Zeynalov

Exiled Turkish writer Mahir Zeynalov, who is currently based in the U.S., understood how these journalists’ worth, their pain, will be undermined once they become part of the statistics. In a series on tweets, he posted the photos of each of these journalists, accompanied with playful, intimate captions. Each description ends with an emphatic note: Arrested.

Many of these photos were from the time these journalists were arrested, and herded off to jail.

Many appeared unflinchingly unaffected by the arrest.




Others stood tall in the face of terror.




While many others had a resigned, heart-breaking demeanor.



Within 140 characters, Mahir paid heart-touching tributes to each of these journalists.




These journalists come from opposite sides of the ideological spectrum, were young and old, men and women, but they all share one common trait: None of them were cowed down into silence.





All of these are people of diverse interests and tastes.







Many have journalistic quirks that they're well known for.






These journalists have faces untainted by the knowledge of guilt, and consciences unburdened with wrongdoing. Each of them may walk a lonely road paved with obstacles, but they continue to march on.

Long may they live.

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