Assailants Attack Protesters With Machetes In Istanbul (VIDEO)


One of the most shocking videos from the Turkey protests has emerged showing assailants attacking Istanbul protesters with machetes.

In the video above, the demonstrators, who have been protesting against Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan for quite some time, can be seen running from the effects of tear gas when several men waving machetes in their hands indiscriminately attack the bystanders.

You can watch one of the assailants kicking and hitting a woman protester with the weapon in his hands. Also Turkish news organization Hurriyet cites that an Istanbul court has released the four men who were detained on allegations of launching the violent attacks.

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The footage was recorded in the Talimhane area, next to Taksim Square, where a dozen touristic hotels are located. According to the same source, one identified attacker held by the police said that he was a local shopkeeper and lost a lot of money due to the Gezi Park protests.

Though Istanbul governor Hüseyin Avni Mutlu said that the police wouldn’t tolerate such hostility and punish those who were responsible, the protesters claim that the security forces didn’t do anything to halt the horrific machete attacks.

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The anti-government protests in Turkey started in May this year from a peaceful protest to save the historical Gezi Park. Due to government-backed violence, the demonstrators became defensive and tried to occupy the park until their rights as individuals and citizens of Turkey were restored.

PM Tayyip Erdogan launched a crackdown and the protesters were forced to leave. Now, Turkish people gather in different parks and hold meetings to plan out strategies but are not allowed to hold mass demonstrations as they did previously.

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But this particular footage, that has just emerged, is fueling anti-government/police sentiment all over again. People are furious that the authorities did not only remain silent during the attacks, but they have also released the men responsible. 

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