This Special 5-Year-Old Didn't Need a Cape To Be Her Mom's Superhero

Cute little angle showed tremendous fortitude and saved his mother's life.

Calling 911 for help when your mother is battling for her life could be emotionally difficult for even adults, but for 5-year-old Aydhun Byars it was an even bigger challenge.

Born with clubbed hands and feet, it isn't easy for Byars of Aurora, Colorado to make a phone call. But when he saw his mom slip into a diabetic shock, he not only had the presence of the mind to seek help, he also found the fortitude to pick up the phone and dial the numbers.

“I don’t know what mom is doing, but I need someone’s help,” the boy said while talking to the 911 dispatcher on Monday. ”She’s sleeping and she opens her eyes and she never answers me.”

As per KMGH-TV's report, Byars' grandmother had taught him how to make a phone call in case of an emergency. The cute tot later admitted in an interview that he was a bit scared, although it didn't show at all during his conversation with the 911 dispatcher.

Had Byars' not called 911 immediately, Gunderlock says she could have had seizures, which can be fatal.

In most cases, it's the kids who owe their lives to their moms, but Byars' mother Tarah Gunderlock, who is a Type 1 diabetic, says she owes her life to her little superhero.

“He’s my little superhero and he makes me really, really happy,” Tarah Gunderlock said about her son.  ”I told him ‘you used your superpower’ and he told me ‘my superpower is love.’”

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