7 Crazy Things That Happen In Australia When It Gets Too Hot

The heat is on in Australia. Australia is on fire – literally.

Australian Heat Wave

The heat wave, which set records in 2014, is even more unforgiving this year.

“Hundreds of firefighters were battling this week to contain Australia's worst wildfires in 30 years which have already swept across more than 12,000 hectares outside the southern city of Adelaide and destroyed at least 26 homes,” Reuters reported.

“The fires, which are burning across a 240-km (150-mile) perimeter in the state of South Australia, come as the Australian Bureau of Meteorology announced on Tuesday that 2014 had been the country's third warmest year on record.”

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While experts are trying to find out if the blaze is the result of climate change or a possible sign of even worse weather, let’s have a look at some crazy stuff that happens when it gets way too hot in Australia:

People Fry Eggs On Sidewalks

When temperatures soared to around 44 ºC Monday, which is about 111 ºF, a bunch of YouTubers tried to find out whether eggs would fry on street pavements.

You’ll be shocked to see the results.

Lions Are Fed Frozen Blood

This image went viral last year. Instead of fresh meat, Harari the lion at the Melbourne Zoo was given a special popsicle, made from about eight gallons of blood, to beat the 115-degree heat.

Koalas Turn To Humans For Help


Koalas are burning their little paws in the heat wave.

Tennis Players Vomit On The Court And Hallucinate Cartoons

Last year, China's Peng Shai vomited on court in the heat, and Canadian player Frank Dancevic hallucinated a cartoon character before collapsing.

“I was dizzy from the middle of the first set and then I saw Snoopy and I thought, 'Wow Snoopy, that’s weird,'" said Dancevic, 29. 

He called on organizers to postpone the tournament, saying the heat was dangerous. "I think it's inhumane … it's not fair to the players, to the fans, to the sport."

They Add New Colors to the Weather Map

australia climate

Due to last year’s record-breaking heatwave, the continent’s Bureau of Meteorology had to add, not one, but two new colors to the weather map to reflect the rising mercury.

Bats Fall Dead From The Sky

Thousands of bats reportedly fell from the sky in the northeastern state of Queensland last January. Although the bizarre incident left everyone baffled, Australia's heat wave was believed to be the reason for the mass deaths.

The Internet Goes Down

Yes, the heat wave shut the Internet down in Australia – well almost – for  several hours.

Extreme heat in the city of Perth forced one ISP to shut down servers in its data center. Australia's second largest net provider iiNet said it had turned the servers off "as a precautionary measure" as the city experienced temperatures topping 44.4 C.

It left thousands of customers offline for about six-and-a-half hours.

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