Religious Leader Claims ISIS Doesn’t Recruit "Fat" And "Obese" Fighters

Four more boys from Australia leave for the Middle East.

Four brothers from Sydney, Australia, left to join the Islamic State militant organization last week but two of them will probably not be allowed to fight because they are “obese” and “unfit.”

Their mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, is said to be devastated by the news that her sons – ages 17, 23, 25 and 28 – have set out to join the terrorist group.

However, Muslim community leader Dr. Jamal Rifi, who also happens to be a family friend, stated that while the boys were indeed “religiously involved,” he had no idea that they were planning to flee.

“From my interaction from the mother, father and family, they are devastated,” he told, adding, “I see this mother grieving the potential loss of her kids, not being aware of what’s being planned by them.”

But there just may be solace for the grieving mother. Rifi thinks that two of her boys are unlikely to be recruited by the jihadist group.

“Two of them, they are quite obese; they are not good foot soldiers," he told Sydney radio station 2UE. “I mean, they are over 140 kg and people who are going to see them there, they are going to realize, what are they going to do with them? ‘You are going to eat our food.’”

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The mother of the four boys told local reporters that she received a text from one of her sons on Friday, a day before they were due to return from what they told her was a “free holiday” in Thailand.

“We made it to Bilad al-Sham (a region in Syria). We will see you in Paradise,” the text read.

She thought it was a cruel hoax and later deleted the message. But when she sent her fifth son to Sydney Airport on Saturday to receive the four boys, they never arrived.

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The family is currently being investigated by counterterrorism authorities.

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