Holocaust Survivors Won't Like What the Aussie Prime Minister Has to Say about ISIS

The Aussie prime minister has made a fool of himself for the umpteenth time.

Australian Prime Minister

Sometimes you try so hard to accentuate the intensity of a point that you end up making a complete hash of the argument.

This is what Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has done. Perturbed by the unusually high number of his countrymen joining and fighting for the terrorist group, Islamic State (ISIS) in Middle East, the Aussie leader has decided to send the army to Iraq where it will assist the United States Armed Forces in non-combative tasks.

Of course, not everyone is in agreement with his decision to get the Australian Army involved in an armed conflict that has no direct connection with them, which is why he is busy spreading a strange propaganda.

According to Mr. Abbott’s logic, ISIS in its short reign of terror has already outshined the horrific feats of the German Nazis. In other words, he implied that this newborn terror group out of Iraq is even worse than Adolf Hitler's regime, which took the lives of 11 million people as part of the Holocaust.

"The difficulty here is that these people do exalt in death; they absolutely revel in killing," he told Sydney radio station 2GB."We've seen in the century just gone, the most unspeakable things happen, but the atrocities that were committed by the Nazis, by the communists and others, they were ashamed of them, they tried to cover them up.

"This mob, by contrast, as soon as they've done something gruesome and ghastly and unspeakable, they're advertising it on the internet for all to see, which makes them, in my mind, nothing but a death cult. That's why I think it's quite proper to respond with extreme force against people like this."

With those comments, Abbot inadvertently trivialized the Jewish community's sufferings, and also proved how not even the top brass of leadersis immune to the side effects of social media. ISIS is a callous entity of brainwashed maniacs whom the international community should fight and bring to justice, but to say that they've trumped Nazis in the race of evil is ludicrous.

Simply speaking, they're tech savvy terrorists and the first of their kind to use social media to their advantage, but the history has seen far worse. It's just that their presence on Facebook and Twitter freaks people out and makes them want to use superlatives with their atrocities.

It’s things like these that make Abbott one of the least likeable and most meme’ed political figures online.

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Australian Prime Minister


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