Fluorescent Blue Shores in Australia Will Leave You Breathless

Australian shores have turned a magical blue, here’s why.

Something has taken over the gorgeous and clear Australian shores. But don’t worry, despite Australia’s reputation, it isn't a blood thirsty shark. Instead, it’s the single-cell organism dinoflagellates, which lights up when disturbed by external forces.

Here’s what it looks like:

Australian shores

As soon as a boat oar, a rock or anything else hits the surface, the shore lights up in a breathtaking spectrum of blue bioluminescent. Photographers, families and couples are pouring in to the magically lit shores to enjoy and document the beautiful phenomenon.

Bioluminescence turns Australia's shores fluorescent blue

These single-cell organisms are common to the ocean and cause blue florescence in a lot of locations, like Australia, Caribbean and California. However, the high concentration and vibrant color observed in Australia nowadays is a once in a blue moon occurrence.

Bioluminescence lights up Australia's shores

Parallel to the beauty of the aurora borealis, bioluminescent is fascinating to look it. Its beauty was also used in the blockbuster, Life Of Pi, by director Ang Lee.

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