Authorities Confiscated Over 500 Illegal Guns From A Man’s Home

California authorities confiscated more than 500 illegal guns in the state’s largest illegal weapons bust from one home.

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California authorities confiscated more than 500 illegal guns in the state’s largest illegal weapons bust from one home.

Fresno County man Albert Sheakalee, 59,  was arrested on Wednesday for his massive illegal possession which included 209 handguns, 88 shotguns, 234 rifles, 181 standard-capacity magazines, 10 high-capacity magazines, 100,521 rounds of ammunition and 10 assault weapons.

Sheakalee was banned from even possessing firearms due to a previous mental health hold that stripped away his license to sell and own guns last year.

"Obviously when a person is admitted into a hospital for a mental health hold it's because he's believed to be a danger to himself or to the public," DOJ Special Agent-In-Charge Michael Haroldsen told ABC30.

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Sheaklee’s son said his father and him run a weapons dealership out of their home and that these guns were registered to them.

Yet Haroldson brushes off the registration, stating the more concerning matter is how the weapons were stored.

"These firearms were not stored in safes or locked up, so anyone breaking into his home would have had access to any of these guns," Haroldson said.

While the Armed Prohibited Persons System prides itself on the raid’s success, the enormous weapons supply brings into question how an alleged mentally unstable man barred from accessing weapons was somehow still able to get his hands on over 500. 

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