10 Most Awkward Photos Of World Leaders From The D-Day Commemoration This Year

June 7, 2014: Photographers covering the 70th anniversary of World War Two's D-Day landings capture the most awkward moments shared between world leaders.

World leaders and veterans gathered by the beaches of Normandy, France on Friday to mark the 70th anniversary of World War Two's D-Day landings.

A much-anticipated encounter between U.S. President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin also took place the same day. The encounter comes in months after tensions between the two nations increased over the Ukrainian invasion and annexation of the Crimean peninsula.

Also expected was a dialogue between the Ukrainian President-elect Petro Poroshenko and Putin. But that didn’t go too well, new reports cite.

While the political climate remained strained throughout the ceremony, photographers covering the event got a little mischievous with their shots. And that resulted in some of the most awkward yet remarkable moments captured on camera.

Have a look at what could possibly be going on in the images, keeping the expressions of the leaders into consideration.

Remember, it’s all in good humor.

Putin's Not Interested:

Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin

This image perfectly captures and sums up the current situation between Russia and Ukraine.

Both the neighboring countries have been in a state of conflict for the past six months now. Especially after the annexation of the Crimean peninsula, things got a bit more tensed.

Ukrainian President-elect Petro Poroshenko (R) refuses to bow down to Russian President Vladimir Putin and does not consider his acquisition of Crimea legal.

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The Red Devil?

Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin

Although it’s just red light reflecting from the carpet on Putin’s face, it aptly fits with how he is generally seen by his American counterpart Barack Obama, who is posing for a group photo.

What Are You Lookin’ At?

Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin

This particular image sent shock waves throughout the global media and why wouldn’t it given the fact that Obama is working over sanctions for Russia over its “illegal” Ukrainian invasion.

Perfect timing.

I Am Listening:

Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin is having an intense conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel who, it seems, is trying her best to comprehend.

Camilla’s Marilyn Monroe Moment:

Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin

A gust of wind blows the coat of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall while Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth tried their best not to look at it.


Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin

Britain’s Prince Charles is having an interesting conversation with his mother Queen Elizabeth. However, his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall doesn’t look really happy about it.

YO! I Got It:

Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin

French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel do an awkward handshake.

Settle Down You Two:

Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin

Looks like Angela Merkel is trying her best to sort things out between Poroshenko and Putin, but all in vain.

Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin

Henri Will Sweep You Off Your Feet:

Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin

Denmark's Queen Margrethe II and Luxembourg's Grand Duke Henri share an awkward moment while getting ready for a group photo.

The Queen Lost An Earring:

Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin

Looks like Queen Elizabeth has lost her earring but no one really seems to be eager to help her.

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