Baby Miraculously Survives Crash After Sitting In Freezing River For 14 Hours

A baby survives a car crash despite not being discovered for over half a day.

Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck

An 18-month-old baby named Lily has miraculously survived a car crash after sitting in the car atop a freezing Utah river for almost 14 hours.

The baby’s mother, Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck, tragically died in the crash.

Officials say the baby was able to survive because she was strapped in her car seat. The baby has hanging upside down during the whole ordeal, but because of that was able to stay dry despite the vehicle being partly submerged in frigid waters. The girl’s baby fat also helped her retain heat.

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The car went unnoticed because it was mostly underneath a bridge. Someone had even heard the crash, but when they went to check couldn’t find a vehicle and left the scene. A fisherman eventually saw it and called police.

One of the most surreal moments was when several police officers said they heard an adult voice calling for help from the vehicle. But when they got to the car, the mother was already dead. More than one officer reported hearing someone say “help me” or “I need help.”

Police are unsure about what caused the crash. Drugs and alcohol do not seemed to have played a factor. 

Lily is reported to be doing better and is being taken care of at a hospital. 

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