Bachelor Party Prank Goes Very, Very Wrong After Neighbors Call Police

A group of friends planned a meticulous kidnapping prank for their soon-to-be-wed buddy, but it all went wrong after concerned neighbors called 911.

Bachelor Party Kidnap Prank

Of all of the worst bachelor party pranks ever planned, this one takes the cake.

A group of 10 young men in Edmonton, Canada, designed a seemingly meticulous plan to prank their soon-to-be-married friend Landon Scott McHardy by ambushing him in his own house and kidnapping him to celebrate his last night as a single man.

To make it all look authentic, these guys rented a thrash metal playing U-Haul van blasting thrash metal, covered their faces with ill-fitting nylons, grabbed baseball bats and pulled up outside McHardy’s house while he was at work. Bursting out of the van's back doors, they sprinted toward the property and found the hidden key for the front door, the location of which the bride provided.

Everything was going according to plan so far – except for the fact that their activities alarmed some of the neighbors, six of whom had already contacted the police.

Meanwhile, inside the house, the friends, including Gavin Wilson and Dan Tansy, sat in the downstairs room with their foam bats, excitedly waiting for McHardy to return home. Unfortunately, they were completely unaware that while they were busy taking group selfies, four armed cops were approaching the property – two from the front and two from the back.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, all available police cars in the area, the K-9 unit and even a helicopter were also heading to the scene.

Shortly afterwards, the friends heard a knock on the door and presumed it was McHardy. However, the knock was followed by someone shouting: “EPS Police! Open Up!”

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The group initially thought their friend was trying to pull a prank on them, but upon opening the door, Wilson found himself looking at two armed cops.

As VICE reports, one cop apparently believed him to be an armed suspect and kept shouting at the friend.

“I just kept yelling at the guy over and over that it was a bachelor party,” said Wilson. “[I] assumed that I looked very scared.”

Finally, they managed to convince the police that it was, in fact, a bachelor party prank, and that their bats were made of foam – which the officers confirmed by hitting on a wall.

“They also checked all of our IDs and weren't surprised to find that none of us had any criminal past because we were obviously really f---ing bad [at being] criminals,” another friend Tansy added.

Although none of the friends were arrested, the lead officer reportedly threatened to charge them with the $1,000 cost of dispatching the helicopter, drilling into them the consequences of such ill-thought-out plans and how bad it could’ve been.

Hopefully the next time they plan something like this, they’ll remember to inform the neighbors.

As for McHardy, he returned home to find the police cars in his driveway and once he found out the whole story, he decided to spend the night inside the house drinking with his friends.

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