Australian Deputy Mayor Blasted For His Absurdly Lavish Wedding

Auburn taxpayers want Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer sacked for shutting down the entire neighborhood for his absurdly lavish wedding.

Lavish Wedding, Salim Mehajer

Salim Mehajer, deputy mayor of the Australian suburb Auburn, recently made headlines for marrying his long time girlfriend Aysha in a wedding ceremony so lavish it has already been dubbed “wedding of the century” by the local media.

The celebration included four helicopters, a fighter jet and squadron of luxurey cars worth $50 million, along with a battalion of drummers, a red carpet, professional film crews and a wedding cake taller than the bride herself.

To put it simply, the millionaire property developer spent a fortune on the entire ceremony. He even shot a Hollywood style, over-the-top, pre-wedding video to show his love for his future wife.

However, it seems like Mehajer’s antics may cost him his job.

As it turns out, the extravagant ceremony infuriated the authorities and locals because it shut down the entire neighborhood.

Residents of Frances Street, Lidcombe, were told in a letter-box drop that they had to remove their vehicles from the street on the day of the wedding. If they failed to comply, the letter threatened that the cars would be towed to another location at the owner’s expense.

Salim Mehajer wedding

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The 29-year-old, who has pledged to become a superstar and has his sights set on Hollywood, probably just wanted to make his wedding memorable. However, his actions were not authorized by the local council, which had only permitted the groom for a partial road closure.

“A lot of people are very unhappy about the letter that was boxed to local residents, which is the biggest concern,” said Auburn Councilor Irene Simms, calling the event deplorable. “People are very unhappy for being held up by traffic. The people that live near the park are unhappy because they think they should have been told it would be landing.”

The wedding procession caused such a chaos on the streets that dozens of police cars had to be called in to control the dangerous traffic situation.

Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer

Now Mehajer, whose wedding saw him get out of a helicopter while wearing a diamond-encrusted bow tie, may find himself looking for a new job as officials are considering an emergency motion to fire him.

There’s even a petition demanding the resignation of the deputy mayor that reached more than 5,000 signatures overnight.

Meanwhile, the arrogant groom believes he has done nothing wrong, and has dared the authorities to investigate him.

“They can investigate all they like, I've got nothing to hide,” he said, adding that the criticism was “absolutely nonsense.”

Salim Mehejar's wiht Aysha

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