Backlash! School district strips Christmas from school calendar

Angry Tweets and emails continue to flood Maryland school district, after holidays are whacked off the school calendar.

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Bah humbug, what’s the deal? Montgomery County’s Board of Ed is now wrestling with a barrage of angry calls and Tweets from parents and critics after killing Christmas off the calendar.

On Tuesday the school board decided to slash holiday names - including Christmas, Easter, and Yom Kippur - off of the school calendar.

What sparked the controversy? An earlier request by Muslim community leaders to give equal prominence on the calendar to the Islamic holy day of Eid al-Adha.

Now specific holiday names will be replaced by say “winter break.”

Hey, it’s politically correct right?

No one is happy.

“It seems we’ve made multiple religious groups mad, but I believe we did the right thing,” School board Vice President Patricia O’Neill told The Washington Post. “And we’re in good company. Fairfax, Arlington, Loudoun — all are silent in calling out Christmas; they call it winter break.”

O’Neill probably won’t be getting the last of the angry Tweets. Montgomery County, an affluent school district outside of the Beltway, has a very active PTA.

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