Here’s What An Arab Found When He Spent A Day In The Life Of A Poor Migrant

They say more than half of Bahrain’s population are migrant workers.

Yousif Hassan is a concerned Bahraini citizen who conducted a touching social experiment to understand what it’s like being a migrant laborer in the Middle East. He decided to work like one for just a day – but that taught him plenty about the flight of migrant workers in Bahrain.  

It's cliché, but a day in the life of a migrant worker hits all the right chords. Hassan, who happens to be a media student, explores the world of hard work by pulling a 16-hour shift at a convenient store where the job description entails getting people their things as they wait in their cars.

He notes that upon noticing his Arab attire, people have a completely different attitude to him than what they normally would towards a South Asian migrant. They are polite and even hesitant to have him fetch their groceries.

He wonders how migrants manage, being away from home and their families, topped with not knowing the local language very well.

"We are all human beings that have the right to be respected regardless of our work, nationality and our social state," Hassan says.

While Bahrain is a relatively smaller Middle Eastern country, this short video reflects a problem that is present in many of the Arab states – including Qatar, the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

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