Criminal Masterminds Post Bank Robbery Loot Selfies On Facebook

This couple definitely needs some help in planning their dastardly deeds.

It's not rocket science: If you rob a bank, you might want to lay low for a while. You definitely shouldn't be posting selfies of yourself with the loot on Facebook. But apparently a bank robbing duo out in Ashville, Ohio, missed that lesson in criminal activities 101.

As per a police report, 28-year-old John Mogan and his 24-year-old girlfriend Ashley Duboe robbed the Savings Bank and successfully escaped, until police nabbed them after the pair posted photos of themselves with wads of cash.

Loot on facebook

The police say that Mogan, whose face is heavily tattooed, stormed into the bank before demanding cash from the cashier, who duly obliged. The heist was executed perfectly, with Mogan reportedly even covering up the large tattoos on his face with makeup to erase all distinguishing features.

However, they couldn't keep their cool and decided to flaunt their newfound wealth on social media four days after the heist, police say. The funny thing is that the police investigation up until that point was going nowhere and the couple would've escaped had they not posted the pics online.

Bank Robbing Couple

When a dude with tattoos such as “Loyalty’s Thin” and “Betrayal’s Thick” on his face suddenly starts posting money selfies, people take notice. And that's exactly what happened. One of his Facebook friends tipped Central Ohio Crime Stoppers, who pursued the lead and found Mogan and Duboe.

The lovebirds are both charged with robbery and theft. While they have yet to cop those charges, their guilt on the stupidity front has already been established.

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